Compostable Bags and Food Waste Bins

We are a NZ owned and operated company, delivering innovative compostable solutions, along with bin systems. Our compostable film products are made from corn starch and are plastic free. Turn your organic waste back to the earth, where it originated. Easy to use, compostable alternatives to plastic - for the everyday family. We also supply many businesses and large corporates who are on their journey to becoming more sustainable.

We truly believe that every bit counts and composting is a better way forward for NZ.   

Quality Assurance

Our products are predominantly made from corn starch and meet all the international composting standards. ECP has a reputation for supplying consistent and proven quality bags so you, as the customer, can be confident that you have the right product to hold and deliver your organic food waste to it's destination. 

Love Our land compostable bags breaking down in a home compost

Did you know 40% of landfill waste is organic and could be composted?

Our bags and liners can go straight into your home compost food scraps and all!

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ECP and Love Our Land are renowned for providing quality composting solutions and waste bins. We are a trusted NZ company which has been in business for over 20 years.

What makes us different?

Love Our Land is the compostable brand of ECP. We strive to deliver new and innovative ideas to the market to meet the needs of households and businesses.

ECP can provide custom or bulk orders to meet your businesses requirements. We are the largest supplier of food waste bins to councils in NZ.

Custom Orders

As the leading 23L kerbside bin supplier to councils around NZ, ECP can facilitate bulk and custom orders of bins, as well as home compostable bags to fit our 7L kitchen caddy. 

Please contact us for more info. 

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Contact ECP Compostables

39 Woodside Avenue, Northcote, Auckland 0627

Office: +64 9 480 4632
Sales: +64 27 225 3247

Monday - Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm

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