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Compostable Doggie Poo Bags

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Love Our Land products are made predominantly of waste corn and are completely plastic free. They are Certified compostable to the strictest Home Composting (AS5810) and Industrial Composting (AS4736) standards.

Pet waste compost should not be used on edible plants (due to potential pathogens/bacteria in the poo), but you CAN use it on your non-edible gardens.

These corn based bags will breakdown via microbial activity, under the right conditions (heat, light, moisture). 

Supplied in a handy two roll pack, be sure to take them on all of your doggie walks!

Each pack contains 2 rolls containing 15 bags = 30 bags per pack. 


AS4736 (Industrial Composting) and AS5810 (Home Composting). 

Each roll is approximately 3 x 7cm.

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