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Here you will find the latest articles on waste minimisation, information on composting and case studies on businesses aiming to become more sustainable using our compostable products.


"Ruapehu’s new kerbside food waste collection is off to a great start with high levels of support from local communities"... 

Check out our Kerbside bin in action!

Ruapehu own locally based waste collection fleets and local drivers.

our kerbside bins are rolling out of various city councils as part of the household organic waste collection schemes...

"It is estimated that a third of the food raised or prepared globally does not make it from the paddock or packhouse to our plates. No surprise, then, that food waste is one of the biggest contributors to climate change at approximately 7% of total emissions".

Revolve Magazine highlights issues on climate change in it's feb 2021 issue...

A call to action on climate change; tackling the issues NZ faces with waste, organics, textiles and more.

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