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BirdCare Aotearoa and Love Our Land Compostable Gloves

BirdCare Aotearoa cares about birds. They have a professional and well trained team who offer a service like no other in NZ. 

They care for and rehabilitate sick, injured or orphaned wild birds (both native and non native), coordinate with rescue centres, along with providing educational opportunities. 

Handling birds is part of the job in caring for the sick and injured so they are able to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild. Gloves need to be used to protect the bird and handlers, and before now, plastic gloves were the only option. This just didn't sit right with BirdCare Aotearoa.

They go through many plastic gloves when handling the birds and saw this as very wasteful as the gloves were often single use. 

When they found out that a compostable alternative was available, they were excited to work with Love Our Land and make the switch away from single use, traditional plastic gloves.

Love Our Land compostable gloves are made with cornstarch and are compostable, meaning that after they are used, they can essentially be turned back into earth - compost. It is a great fit to align with other companies and organisations that care about our environment and BirdCare Aotearoa is one of those special organisations.

Love Our Land director, Nigel Russell, is a bit of a "bird rescuer" himself and has a back garden full of Tui's. One of the smaller Tui's, left abandoned in the nest recently, was rescued by Nigel who cared for it until taking it to BirdCare Aotearoa.

We are excited to be able to support BirdCare Aotearoa by supplying compostable gloves to help with their endeavours. Keep up the great work!

"They are great, resistant, comfortable, great for food preparation, easy to wear. They are very useful for regular bird handling and regular day to day. We really like them mainly for the compostable side of things is also very important to us to reduce the waste!! So they are great!!!

Wanted to say thank you again!" Dani, BirdCare Aotearoa

Check out our little Tui below!

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