8L Compostable Bin Liner
8L Compostable Bin Liner
8L Compostable Bin Liner
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8L Compostable Bin Liner

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Our waste bin liners are manufactured from compostable and biodegradable bio-resins, specifically designed for commercial and home composting systems.

The 8L compostable bin liner fits perfectly in our 7L kitchen caddy and are designed to be used with a kitchen caddy to collect your kitchen food scraps. When thrown out with your organic waste for composting, the liners will breakdown with the waste through microbial activity, in the same way as their parent plants. This creates a rich soil enhancing compost, perfect for the family vegetable patch, or for organic farming.

25 bags per roll / 50 rolls per carton (1250 bags).

Note: These are currently unavailable. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


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Compostable Bags & Liners

What micron (thickness) are your bags and liners?
12-20 micron, depending on the product type. 

Are they food safe?
Yes and great for keeping fresh produce and protecting food in the freezer.

How long do your bags or liners take to break down in a home compost?
The ABAP standard is 6 months. We have found our products break down much quicker, often in 90 days (under the right composting conditions - heat, moisture and oxygen). 

What certifications do your bags have
Certified under Australian Standard (AS4736-2006), the European Standard (EN13432-2000) and the American Standard (ASTM D6400). Home compostable standard AS5810. 

Can they be recycled?
No, they are not suitable for recycling or soft plastics recycling. 

What about micro-plastics?
Our bags do not break down into micro plastics – they break down to a non-toxic bio-mass (compost).  

How do I store them?
Store in a cool, dry draw or pantry. As these bags are designed to breakdown they have a 12-15 months shelf life. 

Why is my bin liner breaking down?
Our bags and liners are meant to break down, they are doing their job! Ensure your bin liner is changed every few days, especially if your rubbish or food scraps are wet or acidic.

What is the difference between commercial and home compostable certification?
Home compostable standard is harder to achieve, as home composts vary in conditions. 

Can your bags be used in a worm farm?
Yes, depending on the conditions they should breakdown just as easily in a worm farm. They are non-toxic so safe for your worms. They have passed the Australian Worm Test Standard AS4736-2006, which is the most stringent of all worldwide compostability standards. 

Can you replace your pre-paid council bag?
No, they don’t replace the prepaid council bags.

Where are your bags made?
Our bags are made in China. We visit our suppliers manufacturing facilities regularly and audit their processes. You can rest assured our product is made ethically and to high standards.

Do your bags break down in the environment?
Under the right conditions, yes. 


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Lower North Island - $9.70
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